Why Eric Sim and Players Like Him Are Great For Baseball

If you are on social media, especially Twitter, and are interested in the game of baseball whatsoever, the name Eric Sim has more than likely popped up on your feed at some point. What Sim does for baseball and its expansion on the social media landscape is huge, but is still unappreciated. With players such as Trevor Bauer, pushing Major League Baseball to become more influential on the new age of fans, and allow insight into the in’s and out’s of every day life of being a professional baseball, people like Bauer and Sim are becoming huge influencers to increasing the media output to fans.

What Sim is doing on social media, is bringing attention to the game, and the grind, that comes naturally to a man who played junior college baseball. From seeing how fast an individual can throw varying fruits, to his current training, as a soon to be 32 year old, and recently hitting 95 MPH after training his body for the last 151 days, which is just fucking unreal. And the entire time, fans of the game, both casual and hardcore, have been able to follow his grind, and his training routine, which is extremely beneficial to the current players, who get an insight to someone who played at an extremely high level, and how he goes about his business.

One of the things that Sim does every season since 2018, is raise money for Minor League ballplayers, and bring attention to the atrocious pay rate of minor league baseball. Just today, he has begun the annual go fund me page, in which he is attempting to raise $10,000 to split between ten different minor leaguers, which is an amazing thing to see in the community. Coming from Junior College, I have seen countless times teammates get drafted and struggle with low minor league wages, after not getting a ridiculous signing bonus, it’s a tough thing to see, because you know they love playing the game, but not being able to eat or live without 5-6 other guys in the same room is unacceptable on behalf of the entire organization of professional baseball.

People like Eric Sim are one of the things that is keeping the game progressing forward, which is hard to do, when it seems the commissioner of baseball (thou who shall not be named) is trying his hardest to regress the game. I will leave a link down below to Eric Sim’s go fund me page, if you feel in a giving mood during the holidays. The trailblazers in life will be the ones who make the biggest impact moving forward, and people like Eric Sim and Trevor Bauer, I believe are leading the way to a revamped form of baseball, and the eventual influx of new and interested fans.


Published by riskomatt

I am a 23 year old college baseball player at Cumberland University. In the past I have worked for Baseball Info Solutions, I have coached at varying levels, ranging from youth, to collegiate. I am a sports management major in college, entering my senior year, with a minor in journalism. I love to write and I love baseball, so a blog seemed once again a great place to start. Former owner of Its Always Baseball Season sports blog.

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