Free Agent Profile & Prediction #1: Alex Avila

DETROIT, MI – APRIL 6: Alex Avila #13 of the Detroit Tigers hits a two run home run to left field scoring Yoenis Cespedes (not in photo) during the second inning of the the Opening Day game against the Minnesota Twins at Comerica Park on April 6, 2015 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

Starting off another segment on this blog, we will be looking at in alphabetical order, all the available free agents, my projections moving forward for them, along with their previous statistics, any quirks, and my guess at what team they will sign with.

With the first available player, we will begin with the catching market, and left handed hitter Alex Avila. Coming off his worst season in the big leagues, and entering his age 34 season in a little over a month, Avila will not be a hot ticket item in these upcoming months. The catcher is a career .235/.348/.394 hitter with a .742 OPS and a 101 OPS+. He has one career all-star selection, all the way back in 2011, where he also won a silver slugger, and finished 12th in MVP voting.

Avila at this point in his career will likely either be a backup catcher, or a platoon catcher, with an unestablished right handed hitting catcher. Avila does have a bit of a strikeout problem, being that the league average is 21.8 percent, and Avila has averaged a 34.5 percent strikeout rate in the last six seasons. Avila on the other hand, has become a better catcher as he has gotten older, gone are the days seeing Avila average a negative DRS (as he did in 6 of his 9 first seasons), the last three seasons have seen Avila post an average of 4 DRS per season, topping out in 2019, with a well above average 7 DRS.

Moving forward, I see Avila being a suitable candidate to sign with one of these teams:Colorado Rockies, Detroit Tigers or the Houston Astros.

Final Prediction: Alex Avila signs with the Colorado Rockies for 1yr/3 million dollar deal

Stat Line Prediction: .228/.351/.408 .759 OPS 103 OPS+ 9 HR 31 RBI

Published by riskomatt

I am a 23 year old college baseball player at Cumberland University. In the past I have worked for Baseball Info Solutions, I have coached at varying levels, ranging from youth, to collegiate. I am a sports management major in college, entering my senior year, with a minor in journalism. I love to write and I love baseball, so a blog seemed once again a great place to start. Former owner of Its Always Baseball Season sports blog.

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