Free Agent Profile & Prediction #5: Robinson Chirinos

Next up on the list, is 36 year old catcher, Robinson Chirinos, who is coming off of a brutal 2020 season, that saw his playing time become limited, and was traded from the Texas Rangers to the New York Mets at the deadline for a PTBNL. One thing that increased significantly, was the rate inContinue reading “Free Agent Profile & Prediction #5: Robinson Chirinos”

The Reds Trade Raisel Iglesias to The Angels

A move that came out of absolutely no where, The Cincinnati Reds have traded their 30 year old closer to the Los Angeles Angels, who has been with the team at the major league level since 2015. In that six season span, Iglesias has accumulated 106 saves, a 3.15 ERA/3.44 FIP/137 ERA+. In exchange forContinue reading “The Reds Trade Raisel Iglesias to The Angels”

Free Agent Profile & Prediction #4: Jason Castro

The Stanford University graduate Jason Castro is back on the free agent market, after having a mixed bag of a 2020 season. On one hand, he was a little below league average for the Angels, during his 18 games with the team, having an .707 OPS, but was horrible in the nine games he playedContinue reading “Free Agent Profile & Prediction #4: Jason Castro”

Free Agent Profile & Prediction #3: Welington Castillo

After sitting out the 2020 season for the Washington Nationals, Castillo re-enters free agency as a 33 going on 34 year old. The power hitting catcher spent the previous two seasons in 2018 and 2019 with the Chicago White Sox as a backup catcher and DH, totaling 121 games played combined between the two seasons.Continue reading “Free Agent Profile & Prediction #3: Welington Castillo”

Free Agent Profile & Prediction #2: Drew Butera

Continuing on, next on the list in alphabetical order, is 37 year old catcher Drew Butera Butera, who has never been a full time catcher at any point in his career, has stuck around in the game because of his god reputation with pitchers and his savvy pitch calling ability. He has played in partsContinue reading “Free Agent Profile & Prediction #2: Drew Butera”

Free Agent Profile & Prediction #1: Alex Avila

Starting off another segment on this blog, we will be looking at in alphabetical order, all the available free agents, my projections moving forward for them, along with their previous statistics, any quirks, and my guess at what team they will sign with. With the first available player, we will begin with the catching market,Continue reading “Free Agent Profile & Prediction #1: Alex Avila”

Angels Sign Jake Faria

News coming out just a few moments ago, say that the Los Angeles Angels have signed Jake Faria to a minor league deal, with a likely invite to spring training. Faria who found success as a starter with the Tampa Bay Rays back in 2017, pitching to a 3.43 ERA with an 1.18 WHIP, struggledContinue reading “Angels Sign Jake Faria”

One Player From Each Team That Would Benefit From A Change of Scenery

As we have seen in the past, sometimes a player can be bogged down by a particular team, and see their once high level production turn into a prolonged slump. Players such as Travis d’Arnaud with the New York Mets, getting released in 2019, and then almost instantly turning into a top tier catcher forContinue reading “One Player From Each Team That Would Benefit From A Change of Scenery”

Why Eric Sim and Players Like Him Are Great For Baseball

If you are on social media, especially Twitter, and are interested in the game of baseball whatsoever, the name Eric Sim has more than likely popped up on your feed at some point. What Sim does for baseball and its expansion on the social media landscape is huge, but is still unappreciated. With players suchContinue reading “Why Eric Sim and Players Like Him Are Great For Baseball”

Kim Ng’s First Move as GM, An Underrated One

As Kim Ng was announced as the first female general manager in baseball history in mid November, many people critiqued the deal, saying that she was unfit for the position, which is a statement that we will see is true or not in the coming months. But one thing is for sure, she did haveContinue reading “Kim Ng’s First Move as GM, An Underrated One”