Free Agent Profile & Prediction #5: Robinson Chirinos

Next up on the list, is 36 year old catcher, Robinson Chirinos, who is coming off of a brutal 2020 season, that saw his playing time become limited, and was traded from the Texas Rangers to the New York Mets at the deadline for a PTBNL. One thing that increased significantly, was the rate inContinue reading “Free Agent Profile & Prediction #5: Robinson Chirinos”

RANKED: Each Team’s Catcher Going Into 2021

For my first post on this brand sparkling new website, I wanted to begin one of the many series’ I will be writing about on this blog. It will cover the position by position ranking for each position in baseball. We will begin looking at the catching position. The position was once dominated by namesContinue reading “RANKED: Each Team’s Catcher Going Into 2021”