Free Agent Profile & Prediction #37: Danny Santana

Danny Santana is a steal on the free agent market, if he had the season he had in 2019, in 2020, people would be discussing a multi year deal for around the range James McCann got just a few weeks ago. Santana’s 2019 slash line looked like, .283/.324/.534 with a .857 OPS, all easily careerContinue reading “Free Agent Profile & Prediction #37: Danny Santana”

Free Agent Profile & Prediction #35: Daniel Murphy

What a career, from being around a little above league average player for the first seven years of his career, Murphy entered the conversation for one of the best 25 players in the game for two year span from 2016-2017. During that time period, Murphy’s line was: .335/.387/.569, good for a .956 OPS, to putContinue reading “Free Agent Profile & Prediction #35: Daniel Murphy”

Free Agent Profile & Prediction #34 Logan Morrison

33 year old Logan Morrison is entering free agency for the fifth time in his career, and has seen his numbers severely dwindle down, compared to his output during the span of 2011-2017. During that time, Morrison collected 122 home runs, and averaged a .241/.323/.425 slash, good for a .748 slash line, that is helpedContinue reading “Free Agent Profile & Prediction #34 Logan Morrison”

Free Agent Profile & Prediction #31: Jake Lamb

Remember when Jake Lamb hit 30 big boys and was an All-Star in 2017? Feels like an eternity ago for Lamb, who since then, has failed to have an OPS over .680 for a season, and taking a quick look at his Statcast Batting Statistics right here: ( ) you’ll see how drastic ofContinue reading “Free Agent Profile & Prediction #31: Jake Lamb”

Giants Sign (Future 2021 All-Star) Anthony DeSclafani to a 1 Year 6 Million Dollar Contract

Now before I start this, I want to make it known, I am not a Giants fan one bit, actually growing up in the Bay Area in California made me somewhat of a hater on the fans of the Giants, seeing the bandwagoning (no its not a word, but it will be in this instance)Continue reading “Giants Sign (Future 2021 All-Star) Anthony DeSclafani to a 1 Year 6 Million Dollar Contract”

Angels Sign Alex Claudio

The Los Angeles Angles have agreed to a one year deal worth 1.125 million dollars with right handed reliever Alex Claudio, who was a surprise non-tender by the Milwaukee Brewers, after how reliable he has been over the last two seasons. In 2019, Claudio appeared in the most games in the big leagues, with 83,Continue reading “Angels Sign Alex Claudio”

Free Agent Profile & Prediction #27: Todd Frazier

Back to back guys who look and sound like they belong on the Jersey Shore getting in fights over half a pastrami sandwich. Todd Frazier has long time been considered a fan favorite regardless of where he goes, whether it was his 5 great seasons in Cincinnati, half of a season with both the WhiteContinue reading “Free Agent Profile & Prediction #27: Todd Frazier”

Royals Re-Sign Greg Holland

The Kansas City Royals have just agreed today with free agent reliever Greg Holland on a one year 2.75 million dollar deal for the 2021 season, with 1.5 million dollars worth of incentive, first reported by Jeff Passan. The long time Royal, who is fourth all time in franchise history for saves, will being hisContinue reading “Royals Re-Sign Greg Holland”

Free Agent Profile & Prediction #26: Derek Dietrich

The closest thing to the Jersey Shore cast the Majors has to offer, would be Derek Dietrich, who is known for his long home runs, eccentric bat flips and outlandish personality, that rubs some people (Chris Archer), the wrong way. While Dietrich has never been a guy that will win you any batting titles, heContinue reading “Free Agent Profile & Prediction #26: Derek Dietrich”

Free Agent Profile & Prediction #24: Asdrubal Cabrera

Asdrubal Cabrera is entering his 15th year of being a part of Major League Baseball, as the 35 year old was called up at age 21 for the first place Cleveland Indians of 2007. Cabrera has been a .268/.330/.426 hitter for his career, with an above average .756 OPS for his career. In the lastContinue reading “Free Agent Profile & Prediction #24: Asdrubal Cabrera”