Tigers Sign Jose Urena

The Detroit Tigers have just come to a deal with recently non waivered RHP Jose Urena for a one year 3.25 million dollar deal for the 2021 season. Urena has shown flashes of being a solid contributor, such as the span from 2017-2018, when he looked like a building block for the rebuilding Miami Marlins,Continue reading “Tigers Sign Jose Urena”

Front Runner & Sleeper For MVP From Each Team: NL East

The NL East is up next, a division that has been growing in strength every season, from being dominated by the Nationals and Braves for the past ten seasons, the Mets, Marlins and Phillies are all now in the mix very much for the division. As always, the front runner is the player most likelyContinue reading “Front Runner & Sleeper For MVP From Each Team: NL East”