Free Agent Profile & Prediction #39: Justin Smoak

The long time power hitting switch hitter Justin Smoak is entering free agency as a 34 year old, coming off of the worst season of his 11 year career. In 2020, Smoak ended with a .176/.250/.361 line with a .611 OPS, split between time with the Milwaukee Brewers and short stint with the San FranciscoContinue reading “Free Agent Profile & Prediction #39: Justin Smoak”

Free Agent Profile & Prediction #37: Danny Santana

Danny Santana is a steal on the free agent market, if he had the season he had in 2019, in 2020, people would be discussing a multi year deal for around the range James McCann got just a few weeks ago. Santana’s 2019 slash line looked like, .283/.324/.534 with a .857 OPS, all easily careerContinue reading “Free Agent Profile & Prediction #37: Danny Santana”

Free Agent Profile & Prediction #36: Pablo Sandoval

The three time World Series champion, and recipient of one of the worst contracts in recent history with the Red Sox back in 2015, coming off of his third title, signed to a five year 95 million dollar contract. Sandoval was an absolute swashbuckler, as he robbed the Red Sox of their money, and inContinue reading “Free Agent Profile & Prediction #36: Pablo Sandoval”

Free Agent Profile & Prediction #31: Jake Lamb

Remember when Jake Lamb hit 30 big boys and was an All-Star in 2017? Feels like an eternity ago for Lamb, who since then, has failed to have an OPS over .680 for a season, and taking a quick look at his Statcast Batting Statistics right here: ( ) you’ll see how drastic ofContinue reading “Free Agent Profile & Prediction #31: Jake Lamb”

Free Agent Profile & Prediction #30: Tommy La Stella

One of the feel good stories of 2019, La Stella was enjoying a renaissance season for his career, before fouling a ball harshly off of his leg, and thus ending his season. All told, he ended with a .295/.346/.486 slash with a .832 OPS and earned his first All-Star selection in 2019. In 2020 heContinue reading “Free Agent Profile & Prediction #30: Tommy La Stella”

Front Runner & Sleeper Pick For MVP From Each Team: AL Central

Continuing on, we will look at the AL Central, a division that holds three potential 90+ win teams, a slowly revamping Royals team, and a Tigers team continuing a rebuilding stretch. As always, the front runner, is the player most likely to win it on the team, and the sleeper is the player who manyContinue reading “Front Runner & Sleeper Pick For MVP From Each Team: AL Central”

Front Runner and Sleeper Pick for MVP From Each Team: AL East

Every team has a candidate every season to at least have a plausible chance to win the MVP, and some have more than one. Today we will look at the AL East, and see the five total front runners, and the five total sleeper picks from each team. The front runner is the obvious choiceContinue reading “Front Runner and Sleeper Pick for MVP From Each Team: AL East”

Free Agent Profile & Prediction #26: Derek Dietrich

The closest thing to the Jersey Shore cast the Majors has to offer, would be Derek Dietrich, who is known for his long home runs, eccentric bat flips and outlandish personality, that rubs some people (Chris Archer), the wrong way. While Dietrich has never been a guy that will win you any batting titles, heContinue reading “Free Agent Profile & Prediction #26: Derek Dietrich”

Free Agent Profile & Prediction #25: C.J. Cron

The seven year veteran, C.J. Cron, who has spent time with the Angels, Rays, Twins and Tigers over the past seven seasons. He is a career .257/.312/.464 hitter with a .776 career OPS. Cron is well renounced for his powerful bat, accumulating 118 home runs in his seven seasons, and having a career Barrel percentageContinue reading “Free Agent Profile & Prediction #25: C.J. Cron”

Free Agent Profile & Prediction #23: Matt Adams

Starting off the first base section of the free agents available, is power hitting left handed hitter Matt Adams, who is entering his age 32 season, after spending a well below average season with the Atlanta Braves in 2020. In that 2020 season, Adams in 16 games hit .184/.216/.347 with a .563 OPS, and struggled,Continue reading “Free Agent Profile & Prediction #23: Matt Adams”