Free Agent Profile & Prediction #16: J.T. Realmuto

One of the two largest free agents of the 2020-2021 MLB free agent class, Realmuto is the best catcher in baseball, and is due for a huge payday. The soon to be 30 year old catcher, is a career .278/.328/.455 hitter with a .783 OPS, but in the past three seasons, he has not seenContinue reading “Free Agent Profile & Prediction #16: J.T. Realmuto”

RANKED: Each Team’s Catcher Going Into 2021

For my first post on this brand sparkling new website, I wanted to begin one of the many series’ I will be writing about on this blog. It will cover the position by position ranking for each position in baseball. We will begin looking at the catching position. The position was once dominated by namesContinue reading “RANKED: Each Team’s Catcher Going Into 2021”